Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association is an affiliated association of CHASA.

See CHASA website for more details which includes the National Ranking for Sports Shooting

CHASA is the National Confederation of Hunter Associations of South Africa and represents 23 hunting associations nationwide.

During 2011, Cape Hunt applied for accreditation as a hunter’s association in its own right. Accredited hunting organizations are recognized in terms of the fire arms act 60 of 2000. Accredited association can provide their members with dedicated status after successful completion of the prescribed exams.

Interest Groups

Cape Hunt also introduced the concept of interest groups. Interest groups are derived from special interest amongst our members in a specific area. In most cases these special interest groups are also linked to CHASA on a national level through franchises.  Interest groups are run on a similar basis as a branch but serve all the members of Cape Hunt and not only people in a specific geographical area.

The current special interest groups cover the following activities

  • Bow Hunting and Archery
  • Veldskiet
  • Problem Animal Control
  • Clay Target Shooting
  • Junior Hunting and Training
  • Handgun Sports Shooting
  • Ghong Shoot
  • Feather and Fur Shotgun Shoot
  • Postal Sportshoot for Centre Fire, Rim Fire and Semi Auto rifles and handguns