Members of Cape Hunt endorses the CREDO and is subject to the the Constitution

Acknowledging the wonders of nature and with gratitude to its Creator, I solemnly undertake to:
• Fulfil my role as a hunter and my calling as a conservationist responsibly. • Conduct myself in a manner which will uphold the good name of the Cape Hunter’s and Game Conservation Association.
• Strive to extend my knowledge of nature and my ability as a hunter by study so that my conduct in the hunting field will earn admiration and respect.
• Promote the conservation of soil, water and wildlife.
• Behave honestly and fairly in the veld and not to take anything to which I am not entitled.
• Hunt with care and compassion and do everything in my power to prevent unnecessary suffering.
• Handle firearms responsibly and with respect.
• Promote this code of ethics among young hunters by example.

The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association aims to promote the knowledge and love of wildlife and nature in general, to practice and promote good amateur sportsmanship in hunting, to actively guard against the destruction of wildlife and nature and to adhere to all laws, ordinances, by-laws and official directives on the conservation of fauna and flora.