Dedicated Sports Shooting

Dedicated Sport Shooting Status

Dedicated sport shooting status is much the same as obtaining a dedicated hunters status. It is also issued in terms of the fire arms act 60 of 2000.

A person may become a dedicated sport shooter by joining Cape Hunt who is accredited under the umbrella of CHASA.  The sport shooting disciplines are registered with SASSF and SASCOC as well as the NRA in the USA

A member can become a dedicated sport shooter in the following shooting disciplines:

CHASA Sport Shooting (CSS)  (rim and centre fire and semi auto rifles)

Hunting Rifle Shooting (Veldskiet) see SAJSV website (centre fire rifles)

Clay Target Shooting (shotguns) see CTSASA website

Compact Clay Target Shooting

Running Clay Target Shooting

Ghong Challenge

Handgun (Bianchi Style Shooting)

Through participation in these shooting disciplines and obtaining and maintaining your dedicated status, you may apply for specific fire arms relating to the sport shooting disciplines through proper motivation.

CHASA Sport Shooting: To apply for this sport shooting status, you need to be a member in good standing and have a dedicated hunter status and must have already participated in at least two postal shoots. To maintain your status a member needs to participate in at least two shoots per year.

See ranking and rules HERE

Veldshooting: To become obtain a dedicated status, a member needs to participate in local and national shoots and be affiliated or be a member of SAHRSA