Cape Hunt has an extensive range of services that we offer to our members.

The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association aims to promote the knowledge and love of wildlife and nature in general, to practice and promote good amateur sportsmanship in hunting, to actively guard against the destruction of wildlife and nature and to adhere to all laws, ordinances, by-laws and official directives on the conservation of fauna and flora.

By becoming a member, you support the greater cause and our ability to engage with government and like-minded organisations in formulating legislation regarding conservation and the hunting, support for youth development, education in hunting and conservation, promotion of general knowledge with regards to laws and bi-laws, firearms and equipment, general hunting and conservation topics as well as keeping our members informed with regards to any published news. We believe that a hunter and conservationist in good standing is also an informed individual who can be proud to promote his or her association with the necessary knowledge and skills.

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