User Guide


If you can view this page, then your profile has been activated.

This is a short user guide on some of the Hunters Profile area. The hunters profile area is only visible to logged in members.

Please note: Your online profile will expire when your membership lapses and will only be activated once your membership is renewed.

  1. You can change your password by using the change password option on the “Hunters Log” page. Follow the link from the menu.
  2. You can also update your profile details
  3. You can enter your activities for maintaining your dedicated hunter status. Activities are subject to approval so it will not appear immediately after posting it. The office will first verify if the activity you are submitting can be used for your dedicated hunters status.
  4. You can also add your firearm license details and the system will send you a reminder 120 days before the expiry date.
  5. Use the Competition results to extract your scores

Features the team is working on:

  • Membership letter
  • Learning Management System